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What is a Citrus Fundraiser

Offer Premium Fancy #1 Navel Oranges from the San Joaquin Valley in California and Texas Rio Star Grapefruit from the Rio Grande Valley of Texas as a fun, nutritious, and extremely profitable fundraiser!  This Citrus Fundraiser is Nutritious and easy. We Provide Everything You Need!!! Our approach is simple – To provide a product that is a healthy alternative to cookies and candy fundraisers. Distinguish your fundraiser with something sweet and nutritious. Our groups earn on an average of over $5,000 to $10,000 and up to $20,000 from just one citrus fundraiser. We Guarantee 100% Satisfaction. We work hard here at Premier Fundraising to make sure that the fruit you receive is of the highest standards for Quality, Flavor and Freshness.

Let us help!

We love helping organizations, teams, schools, churches, clubs, or any group raise money with our easy and fun fundraising opportunities. Fill out the form below for more information or call us at (503) 580-5153.


Eight Reasons Why You Should Do Citrus Fundraising With Us!

1. This fundraiser is easy to do.
2. From small to large groups, the size of the group does not matter.
3.You can raise between $3,000 and $10,000 in as little as 2 weeks.
4. We provide everything you need for your fundraiser.
5. We Guarantee that our fruit is of the highest quality.
6. You will receive quality service from start to finish. Our prices are the most competitive in the industry.
7. We provide you with only Fancy #1 Navel Oranges from the San Joaquin Valley in California and #1 Texas Rio Star Grapefruit from Texas.
8. We Guarantee that your fruit will arrive on time and in good condition.


Boardman, Oregon

“I have been working with Premier Fundraising for the past 3 years and it has been a great experience. My baseball players and local familiescan’t wait each year to sell and eat the oranges and grapefruit, they are delicious! They get their products to you very quickly and are easy to reach for questions. I would recommend Premier Fundraising to anyone, they will surpass your expectations in quality, professionalism and service

- John Christy, Head Baseball Coach
Riverside High School
Boardman, Oregon

Newberg, Oregon

“We have worked with Mike Godfrey and Premier Fundraising for the past 3 years, with citrus sales for our baseball program. Not only are they timely and easy to work with, but the quality of the product is exceptional. We will continue to work with Premier Fundraising and highly recommend them to others”.

- Steve Mayfield, Head Baseball Coach
Newberg High School,
Newberg, Oregon

Eugene, OR

“We have used Premier Fundraising the past two seasons. It has been our top fundraiser both years. They go out of their way to make it easy and have followed through on all of their commitments. We will definitely use them again next season”.

- Brian Brancato, Head Girls Basketball Coach
Sheldon High School, Eugene Oregon

Oregon City, OR

“Over the past seven years both as an assistant and now as a head baseball coach, we have had the opportunity to work with Mike in our fundraising opportunities. We have found his programs to be factual, punctual and top notch quality. We love the fact that Mike will always be there both in person or on the phone to take care of business. Our program is sold on what Mike has been delivering and we are ready to go again!"

- Greg Lord, Head Baseball Coach
Oregon City High School
Oregon City, Oregon

Steps to Get Started

Call Premier Fundraising to set a campaign date: 

We recommend that you keep the sale to no more than three weeks. Most groups have found that an intensive three week sales campaign will produce the best results.

Be Organized:

Good organization will involve delegating responsibility to different leaders.

Sales Director: 

Is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the fruit sale. The Sales Director will be in charge of placing the order with Premier Fundraising

Team Leaders:

Are responsible for overseeing the performance of sales people on their team. Team Leaders will keep totals of the fruit sold and motivate their team to meet their goals.

Receiving Manager:

This person is responsible for securing a location for receiving, unloading and distributing the fruit. He/She should do everything possible to ensure quality control . He /She should make sure that all participants of the sale are informed about the care and handling of fresh fruit.

Plan Ahead:

Your Sales Director should call a meeting before the kickoff to pass out sales materials and develop a sales plan. A good sales plan will state an overall objective. Make sure that you outline a plan for selling and distributing the fruit. EXAMPLE OF SALES OBJECTIVE: We would like all participants to sell an average of twenty boxes of fruit. Example: 20 x 50 participants = 1000 boxes of fruit sold with a profit of approximately $12,000.

Kickoff  Time:

It is best to kick off your sale with a meeting of all participants of the sale. At this meeting, divide the participants into teams and pass out sales kits. It is important to stress the reason for the fruit sale. This will allow you to give the entire sales team proper motivation. If participants clearly see the importance of the sales goals, they will work harder to achieve those goals.

During The Sale:

It is best to collect the money in advance from their customers. By collecting in advance, you should be able to collect enough money ahead to pay for your shipment. It is best to give customers a written receipt with the organization name and phone number. You may want to instruct participants that if anyone objects to paying in advance, take their order anyway. You don’t want to miss a sale for this reason. Most people will pay for the fruit as promised. If not, it can be sold to another customer.

Place Your Order:

The Sales Director will need to email the fruit fundraiser order form to us by the order deadline. After we receive your order, we will mail, email your invoice for payment. After we receive your fruit order, we will call you to give you the day and time of your scheduled fruit delivery. We will do everything we can to stay on schedule, but if something were to delay delivery we would notify you in plenty of time to re-schedule. This very rarely happens.

When The Fruit Arrives:

You will not be required to unload any fruit from the truck when it arrives with your fruit. We will unload all fruit and deliver it to any destination that you request. (No more kids unloading fruit) After the truck is unloaded all sellers must be on hand to receive their orders and deliver the fresh fruit to their customers in a timely manner, (This is very crucial). The fruit is delivered to you within 7 – 10 days of being picked from the trees so it is as fresh as it can be. The sooner you deliver the the fruit to your customers the fresher it will be for them to enjoy. Make sure to make a note of any discrepancies (bad fruit or box shortages). We will make every effort to avoid quality problems, but if any occur, we will meet them head on and solve them to the satisfaction of all parties involved. (This rarely happens) Paying the invoice in the fresh fruit industry, standard terms are net 21 days. You will receive your invoice on the same day that your fruit is delivered. If we have extended credit to your organization, please make plans to pay within the credit terms.


Start Planning For Your Next Sale:

Organizations that have had fruit sales year after year have found that they have a high percentage of repeat customers. Customers look forward to enjoying good quality fruit. In order to make sure your next fruit sale is a success, we recommend that you collect all sales order sheets from all of your sellers and save them for future reference. You will be able to develop a very strong customer list for future fundraisers. 


Enjoy The “Fruits Of Your Labor”:

It’s time for the good news. This is the most rewarding part of your fruit sale. You will experience a great deal of satisfaction knowing that you gave your customers quality, value and enjoyment.

Let Us Help!


Frequently Asked Questions

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